17/9 TUE (Day 4)-- THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: When I see the beauty around me, it makes me happy.


P.1 1st Term P.1 2nd Term P.2 1st Term P.2 2nd Term
P.3 1st Term P.3 2nd Term


CECES song share

P.1 1st Term

BK1_I Love My Family Song
BK1_I Love My Family Text
BK2_Where's Your Tooth Song
BK2_Where's Your Tooth Text
BK3_My Cat Song
BK3_My Cat Text
BK4_I Can See A Jigaree Song
BK4_The Jigaree Text
BK5_Bread And Butter Song
BK5_What Would You Like Text
BK6_Dan, The Flying Man Song
BK6_Dan, The Flying Man Text
BK7_The Monkey Bridge Song
BK7_The Monkey Bridge Text
BK8_What Time Is It Song
BK8_What Time Is It Text
BK9_What's The Weather Like Today Song
BK9_What's The Weather Like Today Text
BK10_Cat's Party Text
BK10_Will You Come To My Party Song
Self-study_Big And Little Text

P.1 2nd Term

BK11_Who Will Be My Mother Song
BK11_Who Will Be My Mother Text
BK12_I Am A Smarty Pants Song
BK12_Smarty Pants Text
BK13_We All Like Her Dress Song
BK13_It's Pink, I Think Text
BK14_With My Hands Song
BK14_With My Hands Text
BK15_Mrs Wishy-washy Has A Farm Song
BK15_Mrs Wishy Washy Text
BK16_Where Are You Going Song
BK16_Where Are You Going Text
BK17_Along Came Greedy Cat Song
BK17_Along Came Greedy Cat Text
BK18_I Am The Hungry Giant Song
BK18_The Hungry Giant Text
BK19_The Dancing Fly Song
BK19_The Dancing Fly Text
BK20_What's In My Pocket Song
BK20_What's In My Pocket Text
BK21_Walking Through The Jungle Song
BK21_Walking Through The Jungle Text

P.2 1st Term

BK1_Itchy Witchy Sneezes Song
BK1_When Itchy Witchy Sneezes Text
BK2_Autumn Festival Text
BK2_Happy Autumn Festival Song
BK3_Bears, Bears, Everywhere Song
BK3_Bears, Bears, Everywhere Text
BK4_Geoffrey The Dinosaur Song
BK4_Geoffrey The Dinosaur Text
BK5_Chicken Rice Song
BK5_Chicken Rice Text
BK6_Big Fat Finger Song
BK6_Big Fat Finger Text
BK7_Mr Noisy Song
BK7_Mr Noisy Text
BK8_The Meanies Came To School Song
BK8_The Meanies Came To School Text
BK9_At School Song
BK9_Cat and Dog At School Text
BK10_All Through The Week With Cat and Dog Song
BK10_All Through The Week With Cat and Dog Text
Self study_Mr Grump Text

P.2 2nd Term

BK11_Good Choices For Cat And Dog Song
BK11_Good Choices For Cat And Dog Text
BK12_Cinderella Dressed In Yellow Song
BK12_Cinderella Dressed In Yellow Text
BK13_Birthdays Text
BK13_Happy Birthday To You Song
BK14_Cookie's Week Song
BK14_Cookie's Week Text
BK15_A Nice Surprise Song
BK15_Open Your Mouth Text
BK16_The Hungry Giant's Soup Song
BK16_The Hungry Giant's Soup Text
BK17_Ratty-tatty Song
BK17_Ratty-tatty Text
BK18_Mr Noisy's Helpers Song
BK18_Mr Noisy's Helpers Text
BK19_There's A Monster In The Tree Song
BK19_There's A Monster In The Tree Text
BK20_Uncle Wong Song
BK20_Uncle Wong Text
BK21_Big Big Fly Song
BK21_What Next Text
Self study_Jolly Jumping Jelly Beans Text
Self study_Noise Text

P.3 1st Term

BK1_The Hungry Giant's Lunch Text
BK1_What Shall We Order For The Hungry
Giant's Lunch Song
BK2_The Little Red Hen Song
BK2_The Little Red Hen Text
BK3_A Bigger Burger Text
BK3_Bigger Burger Song
BK4_Pizza Princess Song
BK4_The Pizza Princess Text
BK5_Greedy Cat Song
BK5_Greedy Cat's Breakfast Text
BK6_Bella Lost Her Moo Song
BK6_Bella Lost Her Moo Text
BK7_Dan Goes Home Song
BK7_Dan Goes Home Text
BK8_Shark In The Park Text
BK8_There's A Shark In The Park Song
BK9_Celebrating Christmas Text
BK9_Santa Claus is Coming To Town Song
BK10_Mr Whisper Song
BK10_Mr Whisper Text
Self-study_Dishy-Washy Text

P.3 2nd Term

BK11_Happy Happy New Year Song
BK11_New Year Text
BK12_Celebrating Valentine's Day Text
BK12_Valentine Song
BK13_Happy Birthday, Dear Giant Song
BK13_The Hungry Giant's Birthday Cake Text
BK14_Mouse Is Unhappy Song
BK14_The Haircut Letters Text
BK15_Chinese Opera Game Song
BK15_The Chinese Opera Game Text
BK16_Grandma's Kites Text
BK16_My Kite Song
BK17_Celebrating Mother's Day Text
BK17_It Is Almost Mother's Day Song
BK18_The Dippy Dinner Drippers Text
BK18_The Dippy Family Song
BK19_Scared Text
BK19_The Scary Shadow Song
BK20_You Noisy Monkey Song
BK20_You Noisy Monkey Text
BK21_The Three Billy Goats Gruff Text
BK21_Three Billy Goats Song
Self study_Celebrating Father's Day Text