25/5 MON (#教育局宣布進一步延長停課)-- THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: I am careful about the choices I make.


P.1 1st Term P.1 2nd Term P.2 1st Term P.2 2nd Term
P.3 1st Term P.3 2nd Term


CECES song share

P.1 1st Term

BK1_I Love My Family Song
BK1_I Love My Family Text
BK2_Where's Your Tooth Song
BK2_Where's Your Tooth Text
BK3_My Cat Song
BK3_My Cat Text
BK4_I Can See A Jigaree Song
BK4_The Jigaree Text
BK5_Bread And Butter Song
BK5_What Would You Like Text
BK6_Dan, The Flying Man Song
BK6_Dan, The Flying Man Text
BK7_The Monkey Bridge Song
BK7_The Monkey Bridge Text
BK8_What Time Is It Song
BK8_What Time Is It Text
BK9_What's The Weather Like Today Song
BK9_What's The Weather Like Today Text
BK10_Cat's Party Text
BK10_Will You Come To My Party Song
Self-study_Big And Little Text

P.1 2nd Term

BK11_Who Will Be My Mother Song
BK11_Who Will Be My Mother Text
BK12_I Am A Smarty Pants Song
BK12_Smarty Pants Text
BK13_We All Like Her Dress Song
BK13_It's Pink, I Think Text
BK14_With My Hands Song
BK14_With My Hands Text
BK15_Mrs Wishy-washy Has A Farm Song
BK15_Mrs Wishy Washy Text
BK16_Where Are You Going Song
BK16_Where Are You Going Text
BK17_Along Came Greedy Cat Song
BK17_Along Came Greedy Cat Text
BK18_I Am The Hungry Giant Song
BK18_The Hungry Giant Text
BK19_The Dancing Fly Song
BK19_The Dancing Fly Text
BK20_What's In My Pocket Song
BK20_What's In My Pocket Text
BK21_Walking Through The Jungle Song
BK21_Walking Through The Jungle Text

P.2 1st Term

BK1_Itchy Witchy Sneezes Song
BK1_When Itchy Witchy Sneezes Text
BK2_Autumn Festival Text
BK2_Happy Autumn Festival Song
BK3_Bears, Bears, Everywhere Song
BK3_Bears, Bears, Everywhere Text
BK4_Geoffrey The Dinosaur Song
BK4_Geoffrey The Dinosaur Text
BK5_Chicken Rice Song
BK5_Chicken Rice Text
BK6_Big Fat Finger Song
BK6_Big Fat Finger Text
BK7_Mr Noisy Song
BK7_Mr Noisy Text
BK8_The Meanies Came To School Song
BK8_The Meanies Came To School Text
BK9_At School Song
BK9_Cat and Dog At School Text
BK10_All Through The Week With Cat and Dog Song
BK10_All Through The Week With Cat and Dog Text
Self study_Mr Grump Text

P.2 2nd Term

BK11_Good Choices For Cat And Dog Song
BK11_Good Choices For Cat And Dog Text
BK12_Cinderella Dressed In Yellow Song
BK12_Cinderella Dressed In Yellow Text
BK13_Birthdays Text
BK13_Happy Birthday To You Song
BK14_Cookie's Week Song
BK14_Cookie's Week Text
BK15_A Nice Surprise Song
BK15_Open Your Mouth Text
BK16_The Hungry Giant's Soup Song
BK16_The Hungry Giant's Soup Text
BK17_Ratty-tatty Song
BK17_Ratty-tatty Text
BK18_Mr Noisy's Helpers Song
BK18_Mr Noisy's Helpers Text
BK19_There's A Monster In The Tree Song
BK19_There's A Monster In The Tree Text
BK20_Uncle Wong Song
BK20_Uncle Wong Text
BK21_Big Big Fly Song
BK21_What Next Text
Self study_Jolly Jumping Jelly Beans Text
Self study_Noise Text

P.3 1st Term

BK1_The Hungry Giant's Lunch Text
BK1_What Shall We Order For The Hungry
Giant's Lunch Song
BK2_The Little Red Hen Song
BK2_The Little Red Hen Text
BK3_A Bigger Burger Text
BK3_Bigger Burger Song
BK4_Pizza Princess Song
BK4_The Pizza Princess Text
BK5_Greedy Cat Song
BK5_Greedy Cat's Breakfast Text
BK6_Bella Lost Her Moo Song
BK6_Bella Lost Her Moo Text
BK7_Dan Goes Home Song
BK7_Dan Goes Home Text
BK8_Shark In The Park Text
BK8_There's A Shark In The Park Song
BK9_Celebrating Christmas Text
BK9_Santa Claus is Coming To Town Song
BK10_Mr Whisper Song
BK10_Mr Whisper Text
Self-study_Dishy-Washy Text

P.3 2nd Term

BK11_Happy Happy New Year Song
BK11_New Year Text
BK12_Celebrating Valentine's Day Text
BK12_Valentine Song
BK13_Happy Birthday, Dear Giant Song
BK13_The Hungry Giant's Birthday Cake Text
BK14_Mouse Is Unhappy Song
BK14_The Haircut Letters Text
BK15_Chinese Opera Game Song
BK15_The Chinese Opera Game Text
BK16_Grandma's Kites Text
BK16_My Kite Song
BK17_Celebrating Mother's Day Text
BK17_It Is Almost Mother's Day Song
BK18_The Dippy Dinner Drippers Text
BK18_The Dippy Family Song
BK19_Scared Text
BK19_The Scary Shadow Song
BK20_You Noisy Monkey Song
BK20_You Noisy Monkey Text
BK21_The Three Billy Goats Gruff Text
BK21_Three Billy Goats Song
Self study_Celebrating Father's Day Text