8th English Radio Drama Competition held by MySmartABC

6D Derek Choi Hiu Yeung, 5E Sky Leung Ho, 4C Tac Cheng Cheung Fung, 4C Valarie Chiu Hau Ching, 4D Paco Choi Pac Him represented the school at an English Radio Drama Competition held by MySmartABC. They performed a radio drama about a grandson who learned about his grandfather’s past after going back in time to a war. They won the second place Silver Award for their fantastic performance!
5. Lee Kam-1 5. Lee Kam-2 5. Lee Kam-4 DSC 4198 DSC05798 DSC05803
DSC05804 DSC05805 DSC05806 DSC05807 A B
DSC 4200 DSC 4201 DSC 4204 DSC 4205 DSC 4206 DSC05801